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French Bulldog Puppies

Available Retirees

Welcome to our exclusive collection of fully grown AKC Registered French Bulldogs available for sale. Within this exceptional selection, you'll find older French Bulldogs that have either retired from our program or are members of our family who are no longer needed for our program. Each one has been handpicked for their outstanding quality and comes with a health guarantee you can trust.

Whether you're seeking to expand your family or provide a loving rehome for one of our retirees, our adult French Bulldogs are the perfect choice. They effortlessly blend into any family dynamic and fully potty trained, making them an excellent option for those interested in starting a small breeding program or simply seeking a wonderful companion.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to bring home a fully grown French Bulldog who will quickly become a cherished member of your family. Take a moment to explore our available adult French Bulldogs and make your selection today!




Meet Luna, our retired Platinum Cream French Bulldog. At 5 years old, Luna is in excellent health and has produced stunning litters. Her calm and gentle personality makes her a joy to be around. Luna is now looking for a new home where she can enjoy her golden years. Her loving and relaxed temperament makes her the perfect companion for long walks on natural trails, and she enjoys being rewarded with treats. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring this beautiful retired French Bulldog home and give her the love and attention she deserves!



Charlotte, a 3-year-old Platinum Cream female, is now retired and available for adoption. She has a track record of producing beautiful cream litters, and her excellent health is a testament to her top-notch care. Charlotte is an outdoor enthusiast and adores human attention. She is well-trained and has gorgeous light green eyes and a healthy coat. Despite her small and compact size, she plays well with other dogs and children, making her a great addition to any family. Furthermore, she is fully potty trained, which is an added bonus for prospective owners. 




Introducing Bleu, an exquisite French Bulldog with a stunning pure blue coat and "heart-shape" marking on her chest. At 4 years old, Bleu has a heart full of youthful energy. She possesses an extraordinary gentle nature, making her absolutely amazing with young children. Bleu adores attention and cherishes being spoken to and receiving head rubs. Basking in the sun outdoors is one of her favorite pastimes. Bleu is in excellent health and has been fully potty trained, ensuring a hassle-free experience. After, Bleu's last litter, she suffered from a (non-life threatening) hematoma. It caused her left ear to permanently drop. With her friendly and adaptable demeanor, Bleu would make a fantastic companion for children and other animals alike, ideally suited for a loving single-family home. Her affectionate nature allows her to get along with everyone she meets. Don't miss the opportunity to welcome Bleu into your family and experience the joy she brings!

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