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Reasons Why French Bulldogs Bark

A black and white speckled French bulldog puppy with his two front paws on a brown outdoor chair

According to research and our experiences, French Bulldogs are very moderate barkers and tend to bark only when they feel something is really worth getting excited over. They are certainly not excessive barkers, such as our Yorkies were. In this post, we will talk about some funny stories and possible reasons why French bulldogs bark.

We have observed that there is also a big difference between our various French Bulldogs in this regard. None are excessive barkers, but some bark at things that our other French Bulldogs will ignore. For example, there are horses on the property immediately adjacent ours. When the horses are near the fence, a couple of our French Bulldogs will bark at them a few times, just to let them know they are around, I suppose. The rest of our French Bulldogs will completely ignore them or go to the fence to try to make friends, but not make a peep in the process.

We also had a funny experience a while back when we heard one of our female French Bulldogs barking in our bathroom. We had thought she might be mute because we could never remember hearing her bark before; but, here she was barking her head off. It turns out that what she was barking at was her reflection in our shower door. The sun light was just right so she could clearly see herself and she knew there was a dog in her domain that she did not recognize. We laughed like crazy. When we opened the shower door and showed her there was no one there, she finally calmed down.

Even though French Bulldogs do not bark a lot and can sleep with the best of them, they are generally fairly decent watch dogs. Our French Bulldogs alert us to unexpected visits, like the UPS man, or some unexpected event. French Bulldogs can become somewhat territorial and protective, which are assets for a watch dog.

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