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Pure Blue Male

Our pure blue male have a easy-going temperament. He is fully potty trained. Enjoys relaxing on the porch. He have a beautiful dark blue healthy coat. Excellent Conformation. His eyes are dark blue. Call for Pricing....713-805-2423

Lilac Blue Male

This french bulldog puppy is absolutely beautiful to see. His coat is a sleek shiny smoke blue. His bright gray eyes compliment his coat. He love photos and is well-behaved. Fully potty trained. Call for Pricing....713-805-2423

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Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 6.38.28 PM.png

A rare gem! His personality is impeccable! Love children and other dogs. He follow basic commands for a treat! Easy to teach and is fully potty trained. He have a small heart murmur. Call for price reduction...713-805-2423

Cream Male

Blue Pied Male

Unique Beautiful markings. Pure white chest and a white mantle between his grey eyes. Gentle personality. Love free play and fetch the ball. This beauty is potty trained. Call for pricing....713-805-2423

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