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Distinct and Unique Lilac French Bulldog

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It’s all in the genes and DNA. Some of the most sought after and rare colors in our current litters are variations of lilac.  The combination of chocolate and diluted blue create a unique and beautiful pastel purplish blue color. Did someone ask about beautiful eyes? Yes, these puppies have dazzling blue and hazel colored eyes. They also have compact bodies with excellent conformation.

Lilac Fawn- This Frenchie’s base color is fawn, a yellowish-brown similar to the color of a young deer. The lilac (purplish blue color) appears on the tips of most hairs throughout the body especially on the head and back. He also has tan points that appear in his eyebrows, cheeks, and feet. Male available.


Lilac with Tan Points- This Frenchie’s base coat is lilac, which means his body appears to be a purplish blue color. The clear tan points on this puppy are expressed as eyebrows, socks on the paws, and highlights on the cheeks.  Male and female available.

Pied Lilac- This Frenchie is a saddle back pied lilac. The base coat is white with patches of lilac (purplish blue) on the face and across the back similar to a horse saddle. Male available.

Our next Newslitter will feature our popular Blue French Bulldogs. Last weekend, Lola and Dorothy delivered a variety of blue colored Frenchies. It usually takes a few weeks for the color to fully develop, so we will keep you updated with pics on Instagram. It appears that we will have some unique blue fawns, blue with tan points, blue trindles, and blue with white chest marks. Stay tuned.

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