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Is a Blue French Bulldog Rare?

Female Blue Merle French Bulldog puppy

Blue French bulldogs are rare, even in The Woodlands, Texas. This color is rarely bred, and in fact, is the source of controversy among some breeding circles. There are both pros and cons to this unique color variation.

The main con is that organizations like the AKC consider this a "nonconforming" color for the French bulldog breed. This greatly limits the chance to enter the dog into sanctioned competitions. However, for those who don't intend to show their blue French bulldog, the style opinions of these organizations are completely irrelevant.

On the positive side, the big plus of a blue French bulldog is its uniqueness. Neighbors, friends, and people at the dog park will stop and give second looks if they know that bulldogs don't usually come in this color. When obtained from a reputable breeder, these dogs are also socialized to be friendly, and that's always a great characteristic.

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