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Stages of French Bulldog Pregnancy

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

At BlueCoat French Bulldogs, we are preparing for upcoming litters of beautiful blue, cream, and lilac French Bulldogs. Puppies are expected for delivery between the last week of July and the first week of August. Please click the following link for information about pricing and reservations. We wanted to share an overview of the weekly pregnancy stages of French Bulldogs.

Week 1 and 2

The pregnancy for a French Bulldogs is 63 days / 9 weeks. When the female reaches a progesterone level of 5, she is ovulating and ready for breeding. Most French Bulldogs require Artificial Insemination to breed. After the breeding is successful the countdown begins from the first day of ovulation.

Week 3

At this stage, the embryos embed in the lining of the uterus, which is where they will develop.

Week 4

Between days 25-35, an ultrasound can be conducted to confirm pregnancy. At this stage, the basic structure of the eyeballs, legs, and paws start to form.

Week 5

The first stage of gestation ends around day 35, and the 2nd stage begins. At this stage, the organs begin to form and the fetus forms.

Week 6

Around day 42, the 3rd stage of gestation begins. The final stage of development when the skeleton becomes solid, claws grow, and weight began increases.

Week 7

At this stage, the hair starts to show on the fetus and the skeleton continues to develop.

Week 8

By day 50, the skeleton is solid and the mother should begin lactating.

Week 9

Delivery week. The mother will start to nest and her temperature is monitored to indicate the beginning of labor. The puppies routinely deliver on day 62 or 63.

Puppies Coming Soon!

Delivery Expected End of July and Early August!

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BlueCoat French Bulldogs
BlueCoat French Bulldogs

Hi Pamela,

In the first 8 weeks of our puppies development and health, we monitor their progress for quality assurance. Therefore, all puppies are available.

BlueCoat 🐾



I have always asked for the runt of the litter. Do you sell the runt?

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