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French Bulldogs Skincare

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

French bulldogs experience a variety of skin problems caused by allergic reactions to various ingredients in foods, outdoor plants and allergens, and other household environmental irritants. 

Typically, frenchie skin problems come from bacterial infections or environmental irritants. That said, you should know that what you feed your french bulldog can also be the source of allergic responses, including skin problems.

BlueCoat handcrafted bath bombs are specially formulated to promote and maintain healthy skin and coat of your Frenchie.

We have combined an array of essential oils, minerals, and herbs to create an all in one solution for bathing your French Bulldog, soothing their skin and conditioning their coat. BlueCoat Dog Bath Bombs release beneficial elements for promoting, moisturizing, shampooing and conditioning your precious Frenchie's coat. Our all in one bath bombs create a soapy lather to bathe, shampoo, and condition your dog. Treat your French Bulldog to an enjoyable therapeutic, luxury bath!

Improve circulation Just as brushing your French Bulldog's coat brings their blood to the surface beneath their skin to improve their circulation; so does a therapeutic baths. As our French Bulldogs, sit in a relaxing bath their arteries and veins will temporarily expand, allowing more room for blood to flow. This circulation improves their skin, coat, and detox their skin.

Shampoo your French Bulldog with a bath bomb releasing moisturizing oils to treat hair loss, irritating and dry skin.

🐾 HOW TO USE: Place your bath bomb in a tub or sink with warm water. After the bath bomb has dissolved in water, pour bath water on coat and skin (repeat as desired). Massage and rub dog coat, and rinse with bath water. Remove dog from bath water and towel off excess water. For best results allow dog to air dry. 🐾 SUGGESTION: For normal bath; use as desired. For skin issues and allergies; use every 2-4 weeks as needed.


Benefits Of the scents We handcraft our products with aromatherapy element relax your French Bulldog's mental stage. It also helps open and clear their Brachycephalic Airway. Our Lavender and Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary ease anxiety and keep dogs calm. For energetic dogs, we relax their conscious being with Juniper oils. Allow your dogs to relax and enjoy 20 minutes in a warm bath, while you massage and lather them up with our "triple butter milk" therapeutic soap; made with Himalayan pink bath salt.

If your french bulldog has recurring skin issues then you need to see a veterinarian. Skin infections can be very painful for your frenchie. Most french bulldog skin problems are a result of something growing on your frenchie’s skin that should be treated in antibotics. 

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