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What French Bulldogs Are Made Of...

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Did you Know...

Most French Bulldogs require artificial insemination to breed. Progesterone test determine the optimal time to breed a French Bulldog. This is more expensive than breeding by vaginal smears but is worth the cost. 


Most French Bulldog pups are delivered by Cesarean section. They have a difficult time trying to whelp naturally for a number of reasons. The pups have large heads. Most female have a small pelvis. A female with a large number of pups can get too tired and exhausted before she has the last one. When there are only one or two pups, they are usually larger and still more difficult to deliver.


Some may say, French Bulldog are not the best mamas. It is not unusual for them to accidentally lie on pups and smother them. Some may accidentally step on a pup and kill it or badly injury it. For these reasons, we recommend keeping puppies in a nursery away from the mother; and put them with the mom only while nursing until they are older. As a breeder, we constantly monitor the pups while nursing to ensure there is no risk of accident injury. Of course, this is a lot of dedication and takes a lot of monitoring around the clock. But this is the best way to raise keep the puppies safe for the first weeks of life. 

For the first few weeks, pups can not maintain their own heat. The pups nursery temperature is maintain by a heat pad or heating lamp. Temperature will need to be about 90- 95 degrees the first week, 85 degrees the second week and 75 - 80 degrees thereafter. However, it is important to adjust the heat according to  the puppies reaction to the temperature, make sure to keep a non-heated area where the puppies can move if they get too warm.