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French Bulldog Puppies - Eyes Wide Open

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

At two weeks old, Frenchies’ eyes open and they begin to gain their hearing.  The puppies have built their strength and begin to take their first steps. They respond to light, sounds, and movement. These developments open a brand new world to the puppies. They are able to finally see and hear other puppies, their mother, people, and their surroundings.

We get a lot of questions about the beautiful blue eyes of our puppies. Everyone wants to know if their puppy’s eyes will change color. Typically the final color of a puppy’s eyes develop within 9 to 12 weeks, but sometimes this change can happen as late as 16 weeks of age.


At two weeks, we deworm all of our puppies. Intestinal parasites may be passed to the puppies through the mother’s milk. This may result in digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea. Our Frenchie puppies are also given probiotics to balance their digestive system with good bacteria to aid in stabilizing their bowels.

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