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French Bulldogs

Are There Unique French Bulldogs?

In some breeds, it is very unusual to find a bred variant that is significantly different from the norm. This is the case with French bulldogs, which commonly come in fawn, pied, brindle, and related colors. Even so, there are indeed unique color variants that come from pedigreed bloodlines. One such type is "bluecoat," which is actually a grayish color.

Not all "rare" colors are as desirable as others – at least when it comes to competitive showing. Some clubs are very picky about which colors they will accept, and this is precisely why the common colors are common. However, someone wishing to have unique French bulldogs as pets has no reason to care about some club's preferences as long as the dog is healthy.

As is normal for markets in general, rarity comes with a higher price tag. Be prepared to pay more for unique French bulldogs.

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