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Champion French Bulldog

What Makes for a Champion French Bulldog?

Typically, there are two types of championships in the dog world: obedience and conformation. Therefore, you should have one or the other in mind before selecting for a champion French bulldog.

The AKC Championships that get shown on TV are about confirmation. Each breed has a set of physical traits considered ideal for its type. The dogs that best match the specifications will win in this category. Dogs also need to have a few behaviors mastered, such as how to stand while being judged, but they don't have to do any tricks.

Obedience is a category where dogs and their owners or trainers show off what the dog has learned. At the lowest level, they simply need to know basic commands. As dogs progress, however, they are expected to know tricks of more and more detail. For this, a smart dog is better than one with perfect conformation.

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