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Advertising Agreement Form 



BlueCoat French Bulldogs

c/o Dam& Sire Blog


Business/Person Name: ___________________________

Business Address: _______________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Email: _________________________________________

Authorized Person (if other than listed above): ____________________________



The above Business/Person agrees to advertise on BlueCoat Blog according to these listed advertising opportunities. Please fill in the following information:



___ 125 x 125 pixel – Sidebar - $25.00 per month for ____ month(s)


___ 300 x 250 pixel – Top Sidebar - $50.00 per month for ____ month(s)


___ 468 x 60 pixel – Single Post - $30.00 per month for ____ month(s)


___ Sponsored Post - $50.00 per post - ______ words minimum



Payment is due upon approval of the advertisement. One month (30 days) contracts cannot be canceled. Cancellation of multiple months before the expiration of the contract will result in a cancellation fee equal to that of the cost of space for one month.


All ads must be approved prior to going live on the blog. The starting date will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Advertiser assumes all risks and agrees to indemnify and hold BlueCoat Blog harmless for any and all suits, claims, liabilities of any kind and damages that arise from the advertisement and any additional marketing and promotions.


Approval of an advertising agreement will be made via email confirmation to the listed email address above.



_____________________________________________________________    Signature of Business/Person and/or Authorized Name                                                Date   

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